Will Facebook’s New AOL Instant Messenger Work?

Tonight I was offered the ability to download facebook’s new messenger application for desktop. You might already have the messenger on your phone. So, is this a new AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) redux? (If you haven’t gotten a pop up offering the messenger, you can download it here.)

Seems like it. Of course, minus the “away messages” and annoying profiles with SLU students opining how much they miss Madrid and fraternity/sorority letters.

You can even dock the messenger to the right side of your computer, just like facebook, so you are never away from your constantly moving “facebook inside of a facebook” feed, which is on top, and your buddy list on the bottom.

In the era of google chat (Google Talk), which has more recently shied away from stand-alone desktop chat programs, will facebook’s new product survive? If they make innovative improvements, probably yes, it will stick around. If not, it will probably flop.

Why? People have tons of facebook friends. God knows I do. I know virtually all of them, except the famous journalists and celebrities. But, there are a ton of people that everyone has on there that they don’t want to chat with at every waking hour.  Google has done a good job of working around this with the “invisibility” feature that enables users to chat with people and still not show up as online.

If facebook were smart, they would do the same.

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