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Heard a lot of sirens tonight at work shortly before we closed up shop. As I was walking to Farragut West metro, I noticed L street was vacant (it’s a one way) and there was tape blocking off the street and a ton of cop cars.

As I got to K street, home of the often maligned cottage industry of lobbyists, there were crowds of people and even more cop cars.

Here’s how it was described to us by the DC HSEMA:

The Connecticut & L NW entrance to Farragut North Metro Station is closed because of an auto accident near the entrance. The intersection is also closed to motor vehicle traffic. Metro service has not been adversely affected, and the other entrances are open.Sent by DC HSEMA to e-mail, pagers, cell phones….powered by Cooper Notification RSAN

I asked a passerby what happened. Turns out he worked in the building affected and told me that some dude drove a car into the building filled with gas can(s) and ran off. He said he heard that the FBI is there now.

Markedly different than what the HSEMA email said, which I received after the conversation I had with the guy on the street. Subscribers to HSEMA know they are usually not on the ball about timely or detailed postings, as evidenced by this post from 2 years ago. I posted the picture above on twitter and facebook. My friend Jason clued me in to a WTOP report.

WTOP reports:

WASHINGTON – An SUV has smashed into a building on Connecticut Avenue in Northwest D.C.

Police say the vehicle, a red Jeep Liberty, went through a window at 1050 Connecticut Avenue around 8 p.m. The driver has been taken to the hospital.

Channel 4 reports that the driver and the interior of his car were doused with gasoline.

NewsChannel 8 says an FBI terrorism squad is at the scene of the crash. D.C. Police Chief Kathy Lanier told ABC7 she thinks the SUV was intentionally driven into the building.

The building is home to offices, restaurants and stores. Farragut North’s 18th and L Street entrance is closed because of the crash, according to WMATA. The other entrances are open.

As anyone who gets DC HSEMA alerts know, they tell you the where, rarely the why. It’s almost like they’re wearing rose colored glasses. An “auto accident?” Really?


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