Why the Browns are 0 and 3

I have watched the last two Browns games (against KC and Baltimore) and my happiness about their pre-season performance, which is hardly an indicator, is fading — fast.

Here’s the big factor, in my opinion — the second half. In three games, how many of the Browns’ 41 points have been scored in the second half of all three games? 7. That’s right. One touchdown. In six quarters. By comparison, the Browns have given up 30 of our 57 opponents’ points in the second half of the first three games.

Our defense hasn’t been horrible, but you can’t get outscored by 21 points and expect to be winning lots of games.

Here are our current stats up until this point, and we haven’t done that bad. We just need some offense, particularly in the 2nd half. The Browns need Chuck “Chico” Kyle.

The Browns have scored 41 points to their opponents’ 57, being outscored by a total of 16 points for all three games. First downs? Comparable. Third down conversions CLE-35%, Opponents-40%. Opponents have gained 22 more yards than the Browns. We’ve had 14 less offensive plays with a higher average yards per play rating. Rushing yards, we’re behind by a total of 18. Though, we’ve run 18 less plays, and average .7 yards more per play. This means our opponents have taken more time off of the clock, thus denying the Browns time to move down the field. Passing yards? We’re behind by 4 yards total and we’re behind by 1 completion (with 5 more attempts). We have a rate of interceptions equal to our opponents, and average .5 yards less per play. We have 4 sacks to our opponents’ three.

Field goal wise, we are 1/3 while our opponents are 5/6. That adds up to 15 of the 16 points we trail our opponents behind. Even if we were 3/3, that would cut the deficit to 10. We still need touchdowns, heck, anything in the second half. Touchdowns? We’re even at 6 to our opponents’ 6. Time of possession wise, we’re off by about 4 minutes.

Of course, we can always use more defensive stops, but the key to the Browns losing record is due to a lack of offense, not defense. Something that plagued them last year has come back to haunt them — even with three new quarterbacks.

Time to turn it around, Brownies.

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