Why I broke up with CostCo

Some people ask periodically when I tell them I’m a member at BJ’s why I haven’t joined CostCo. I have, but I broke up with them.

I consider myself a Sam’s Club guy, but there aren’t any around here that are particularly close to where I live in Alexandria.

I get why lots of people like the Crystal City Costco — famous people shop there. Big whoop.

The BJ’s on Duke street fits my needs more because I don’t have to:

  • Wait in line to get a parking ticket to park.
  • Wait in line/dodge pedestrians with big shopping carts to find a spot.
  • Wait in line to show my membership card.
  • Wait in a huge line to check out.
  • Wait in a huge line to get my receipt checked.
  • Wait in a line to get my parking validated.
  • Wait in line to give my validated ticket to the parking attendant.

At BJ’s, I just park, go in, buy what I want, wait in a small line to check out, and leave. Much simpler.

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