Whole Foods Slips Off of The Conservative Bandwagon

You’d think after the health-care bill, everyone would assume that Whole Foods is some big evil GOP company because their CEO had some critical thoughts about the President’s proposals.

According to an email I got from them today, that is clearly not the case.

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One Thought on “Whole Foods Slips Off of The Conservative Bandwagon

  1. Have you researched this one? I haven’t done much research in a long time, but back in the day this was a real issue. If a GMO or non-organic farm neighbored an organic farm, the danger of cross-pollination could threaten his viability. Perhaps that’s been addressed or technologically is no longer a problem. Regardless, I’m not sure this is a fair litmus test of Whole Foods’ adherence to conservative orthodoxy. The company never claimed to be libertarian, but ultimately comes down on a series of libertarian positions from a prudential perspective. I appreciate that. It would be helpful to know more about this particular policy and why Whole Foods supports.

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