Where will Locavores get their power?

Here’s a letter I wrote to the Alexandria Times.

To the editor:

With the closing of the Alexandria coal-fired power plant this week, one wonders, how will the buy local crowd power their homes? How will they, in good conscience, flick on that light switch knowing that the juice isn’t coming from somebody down the street?

Why don’t billionaire Mayor Bloomberg, Mayor Euille and the chattering classes care about good, blue collar middle class jobs for Alexandria? Is Alexandria becoming some outsourcing, 1-percenter, Mitt Romney fantasyland where all the good blue collar jobs are shipped to other places?

What’s next? Will Misha’s stop selling locally grown coffee? Will we have to buy things from people located in lands far and not-so-far away? Wait, hold on. Never mind, I’m told coffee isn’t grown locally anyway.

One worries, are chain stores coming next? The horror! Maybe, just maybe, with the closing of this plant, the locavores might discover there are benefits to eschewing the silly theory of “buying local.”

Jim Swift

UPDATE: The Alexandria Times published my letter.

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