What’s next for greens? Banning Road Salt?

You might have seen my earlier post on how greenies have made dish washing a more difficult and equally less green procedure.

Now some folks are concerned (rightly) about road salt’s effect on water. Some places are actually using beet juice and brine to pre-treat roads.

I posit the following: let’s be careful to consider unintended consequences before we start a “green war” on road salt.

Sorry about the pun, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I want ineffective road treatments as much as I want ineffective dishwasher detergent. Let’s not jump the gun.

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One Thought on “What’s next for greens? Banning Road Salt?

  1. You are putting your spotty dishes over the environment…

    And don’t play down American ingenuity- Our people will take this opportunity to develop a better product that doesn’t have unintended negative consequences.

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