What just happened?

Oh hi.

I nearly lost all of my content this weekend when a freak error during an upgrade erased my entire wordpress installation. Of course, as luck would have it, the “backup” of my site data was lost due to hardware failure.

So, all I have is a backup of my site from March that I downloaded. That’s mainly the text. I lost a lot of images, though, and the work I did making the page look as nice as it could. (Thanks Google cache for capturing some of the lost posts!)

Let my lesson help you — back up your shit. Make a google calendar reoccurring event. Take the time to back up your posts and your images and pretty much everything. Don’t rest your hopes on your host’s “backup” service, because when you need it most, it might not be there for you.

Please excuse my housekeeping as I try to nurse the blog back to health.

Thanks for reading.

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