What is the Alec Baldwin Foundation?

As you probably know by now, Alec Baldwin had a blow up the other day where he tweeted offensive anti-gay slurs to an English reporter. He quit twitter as a result of the blowback, and it’s not his first rage-quit episode with twitter.

Now, as a conservative, I do enjoy the irony of watching  liberals defend Baldwin’s rude behavior.

In his last incarnation on twitter, Alec Baldwin’s handle was @ABFAlecBaldwin and his twitter name was ABFoundation. Short for, of course, the Alec Baldwin Foundation.

Consider me an Alec Baldwin self-destruction voyeur. Watching liberals try to defend him is pretty funny.

As I think about it a little bit more, it is just a bit odd that Mr. Baldwin chose to reincarnate himself on twitter going as or promoting his 501(c)(3) tax exempt private foundation. Seeing a twitter account that is supposedly affiliated with that foundation, or Alec acting as the principal of that foundation in the way he did isn’t a good way to attract donors.

However, that’s not what Baldwin is trying to do — attract donors. Celebrities and wealthy folks often set up charitable organizations as a legal way to reduce their tax liability. It’s legal, but it has consequences. Namely scrutiny, and if you donate too much, AMT liability.

Founded in 2006, and — according to GuideStar, lacking a mission statement — it’s a philanthropy, voluntarism, and grantmaking T22 Private Independent Foundation.

Baldwin’s charity made $3.673 million in contributions in 2011, which is pretty generous. The majority of the recipients are vanilla — cultural centers, orchestra & theatre groups, homelessness advocacy groups, public broadcasters. Of course, as a well known liberal, there are a bunch of left-leaning groups on the recipient list — like People for the American Way, Death Penalty Focus, PETA, Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York, and the Nation Institute.

And there’s two curious contributions. One to Cigar Aficionado for $2,400 — but my guess it is part of the group’s efforts to raise money for charity. The other is a $1,000 to a group called RPHP — likely the Radiation and Public Health Project. This group’s purpose appears to be the promotion of studies that link cancer to proximity to nuclear power plants.

Baldwin’s charity filed for a 3 month extension in 2012 — extending its filing deadline to August 15, 2012.

Related to the controversy, Baldwin’s charity donated $1,000 to a group listed as GMHC — which is likely the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. This organization is a community-based AIDS service organization.

Will it help Baldwin fend off attacks? Time will tell.


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