Week 6 for the Browns

The Browns are 1-4 and play the dreaded Steelers this week. Jake Delhomme? Hurt. Seneca Wallace? Also hurt. Starting this week: Colt McCoy.

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As you might have read, I blogged about the Browns two weeks ago, when they were 0-3. While that was a despicable record to have, I contend they are a good team. At 1-4, that point still stands. The problems I outlined in that post were (with updates):

  • Second half touchdowns. Going into week 4, the Browns had one total touchdown in the second half for the first three games combined and 0 other points. (In their win against the Bengals, they scored 10 points in the second half. That needs to continue.)
  • The key is offense. When the Browns score at least 20 points, they win. (Now, they’ve only managed to do this once.)
  • The Browns have kept their opponents to few points. No team has scored more than 24 points against them (Ravens.)

The Browns defense has only given up 19 more points than our offense has scored, which isn’t horrible. Over a 5 game period, that’s 3.8 points on average differential. The Browns have only lost one game by more than one score (Atlanta). That’s not terrible, given the combined average records of their opponents is 3.2-1.4. The Steelers’ record? 3-1. The average score of the games shows the Browns keep things close, and with only one real outlier against Atlanta, I’d say the Browns have a good shot against the Steelers.

Pittsburgh leads the series by 4, at 60-56. At home, Cleveland is 34-24 against the Steelers and is 22-36 on the road.

My prediction? Browns win, 24-17.

And a sweetener. Big Ben will be injured in his big debut back. Why? Karma, it’s a chameleon.

As for my thoughts on McCoy, here is what I said on my friend Jarrett’s facebook wall.

I think he might do well. I hesitate to say he should keep the starting position. I don’t think frequent changes at Quarterback help the performance of any team, let alone the Browns.

Once Wallace and/or Delhomme are fine again, they should return to the starting position.

The Browns have had at least 16 different starting quarterbacks in the past 11 years since their return to the NFL.

This will be a good experience for McCoy, I predict the Browns will win, but just because Brady Quinn defeated the Steelers didn’t mean squat.

Browns will need to stick to the program and make McCoy a legacy quarterback for the future, the first time hopefully, in new Browns history.


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