Wednesday Links — Hipsterized Edition


Buzzfeed Politics: Pelosi Predicts A Supreme Court Win For ObamaCare

POP: Dear God Please Let This Be True – Capital City Diner Moving to Petworth/Columbia Heights; “Will prominently feature Kosher-style Jewish deli sandwiches”; Hopes to open by Aug. 1st

CafeHayek: Living Standards and Ideology

GGW: Facts trump emotion as Fairfax approves Penn Daw plan (Penn Daw is near Huntington, FYI)

DCist: Google Allows You to Sneak Into White House Without Tipping Off the Secret Service (Good news for felons!)

Obama negotiates with pirates | Obama gone fishin’

Deadspin: What the Astrodome looks like after sitting untouched and rotting for a decade.

Reason: Romney Wins Maryland, Wisconsin and Moscow on the Potomac

9NewsNow: Up In The Sky: NASA’s T-38s To Fly Over DC On Thursday

Ann Coulter: Post Racial Lynch Mob

Gizmodo: Google Glasses First Look: Would You Wear These Augmented Reality Specs?

WSJ: In the age of the iPad, Argentina bans importing books. (Buy local, Argentina!)

Google Art project

I agree with Tyler Cowan’s take on Bloomberg BusinessWeek

How to mess with people you dated long ago (Mary, I do not do this!)

The Atlantic: The Man Who Broke Atlantic City

CQ: Making It in the 21st Century

The Miracle of Richfield

Mitchell: Socialism for Kids

Examiner: Democrats boycott Coke, Walmart over voter ID law

Wage stagnation obsessives never account for improvements in technology and its cost

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