Wednesday Links

The salaries of administrative agency federal employees for 2011

HuffPo: Horseshoe Casino, Cleveland Casino, Opens To The Public (Related: There is a GHOST BUSTERS SLOT MACHINE.)

Wonkette: Empress of Outer Space Orly Taitz Has New Senate Campaign Ad (VIDEO)

ESPN: Kings up 2-0 after Jeff Carter’s hat trick, Jonathan Quick’s shutout

Landsburg: The Economics of Teen Pregnancy

Your (somewhat daily) Krugman criticism

BBC: What if we limited gadgets to one photo per day?

Reason:  Why We’re Entering the Age of Ron Paul

Dingbats: Man Claims He Found A Gun On The Job & Was Fired For Turning It In (Michigan didn’t give him the upper hand…)

Weekly Standard: Conservative Insurgent Fischer Wins Senate GOP Nomination in Nebraska

Alan Simpson: Paul Krugman near ‘hysteria’

Only on the Hill: When I see Rep. Paul Ryan

Heaton: Dealing with hecklers 

Grover: Why Romney should tap Jindal

Adler: When Is an Earmark not an Earmark?

Daily Caller: Senate spokesman vs. TheDC [VIDEO]

NYTimes: The Purpose of Spectacular Wealth, According to a Spectacularly Wealthy Guy (Conard is a great writer, and his book is GREAT. Please excuse the NY Times bias.)

NYTimes: Last Ones Left in a Toxic Kansas Town

Post Dispatch: Provelology: The study of a made-up cheese with a made-up name California’s Two-Hundred-and-Fifty-Thousandaires

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