Wednesday Links

Toy Jeep

Josh Mandel: Ad — Boots

DCist: Former Library of Congress Staffer Says He Faced Constant Harassment After Supervisors Learned He Is Gay

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Heaton: Hologram celebrities

Good news for Jim Green: Obama Campaign office opens on Columbia Pike

Reason: David Harsanyi on Obama’s Speculator Witch Hunt

Reason: Chef Geoff has won the battle, will he win the war?

GGW: Why Flatfare is a bad idea

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CafeHayek: A Banana Republic, Unless You Can Avoid It

MR: Debtor’s Prison for Failure to Pay for Your Own Trial | The idea of the “food desert” is fading

WSJ: Amb. Kirk: Rethinking ‘Made in America’

Gizmodo: Pranking the Pentagon | 191 Pieces of Proof that Instagram Is Just Tops

Volokh: When Rent Control Becomes A Taking (Bis)

Ameican: The First Carbon Trade War?

Wonkette: California Innovates New Immigrant-Hating Treehugger Fusion Wingnut

Sen. Reid: Seniors love junk mail (esp. scams!)

Examiner: FLOTUS invokes dad’s MS to attack Romney

Scene: Free cupcakes gone wrong

WSJ: Robert Leider: Understanding ‘Stand Your Ground’ |  Jenkins: The Inequality Obsession |  Shutting Down ALEC

Audio: Obama on eating dogs

FamousDC: Alec Baldwin Recalls Days as a Congressional Intern

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