Wednesday Links (3/28/12)

Federal Center

MR: Random thoughts on hysteresis

Reason: ABC News: Lead Homicide Investigator Did Not Buy George Zimmerman’s Story

Gawker: Your Guide to the Idiotic Racist Backlash Against Trayvon Martin

OTB: An Object Lesson In Why You Shouldn’t Rush To Judgment In The Trayvon Martin Case

WSJ: The Ex-Im Bank Keeps Americans in Business

What waking up one of my two college room mates was like (No Joe, not you)

Deadspin: Magic Johnson Has Bought The Los Angeles Dodgers For $2 Billion

AdAge: Wendy’s Hires Craig Bahner as CMO

Martin Sorrell: Internet Has Created More Value Than It Has Destroyed

Mankiw: The U.S. is number one!

CSMonitor: Will the twitter win Newt delegates?

John Gallagher of Falls Church writes one of the best Letters to the Editor I’ve ever seen:

Next time, please offer up a graphic or two on the ways I might kill my son, such as stabbing, shooting, or maybe slipping arsenic in his applesauce. This might be a great weekly feature to highlight for the whole family. Here are some headline suggestions:

“Daddy drinks because you don’t pick up your toys”

“Where pets really go when they get old (Hint: No duckies are getting chased!)”

“Mommy doesn’t just cheat in Pictionary”

TBD: Speed Camera City

Mitchell: Explaining Pro-Growth Tax Reform to the Senate Budget Committee

Sowell: Geraldo’s Point | Back to the future?

Cincinnati’s Abandoned Subway (Now they want street cars)

FoxNation: Pro-Obamacare Protester Stumped: ‘I’ve Read It on the Obama Website’

Tenacious D is back

Deadspin: An Ohio State Superfan Was Hospitalized By A Flying Turkey

Examiner: Ask Canada — gun registration won’t make D.C. safer

Poor Teddy Bears

GE: Opens Edison Era Time Capsule, Turns On Century-Old Light Bulb (This was right near where I grew up and down the street from the hospital I was born at)

How Cap Lounge gets its kegs

Check out this new Jeep Pick Up Truck

TNW: Google to launch third-party commenting platform to rival Facebook

KFI: Lorax Statue Stolen from Dr. Suess’s Widow

I wanna Fly a Hind Like an Eagle

Deadbeat dogs

Whoops: Elderly couple forced out of home after tweet claims killer of Trayvon Martin lives there

The Biff Question Song | Back to the future reunion

Bobby Metzinger: Wheat Thins — the social snack

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson on being a living ‘badass’ meme

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