Wednesday Links (2/1/12)

Rayburn 2102 Notice

This 1989 notice has been in Rayburn 2102 for 23 years

IHS: Have wages stagnated? <- This is a must watch, even if you are a liberal

Marginal Revolution: A simple theory of why so many smart young people go into finance, law, and consulting

Random thought: Reductions in the rate of growth ≠ spending cuts.

Former Rep. Al Swift: Know Your Enemy: This One is the Deficit

Carpe Diem: U.S. Manufacturing Had Its Best Year Ever in 2011 (A weak dollar certainly helped)

Sowell: The Republican establishment is smearing Gingrich (I respect Sowell, he’s one of my favorites. I think Gingrich has blurred the truth a ton of times, and now acts all hurt when he gets hit with the same tactic. This doesn’t make that intentional blurring of the truth right. It’s wrong. Negative campaigning ≠ blurring, and vice versa. Negative campaigning is more useful to voters than puff pieces because we just get more information that way. There is “good” negative campaigning and “bad.” Gingrich has engaged in and has been the victim of both.)

Random thought: Does anyone else think it’s weird that Gingrich has daughters that are older than and the same age as his current wife? 

JocSailings: Cargo volume climbed 31% at the Port of Cleveland in 2011 (You mean trade creates jobs in Cleveland?)

RollCall: Mitt Romney Wins Florida Primary by Double Digits | Restaurant Owners, MADD May Clash Over Transportation Bill

NEWT: 46 States to go?  (Let’s be honest, his campaign is so disorganized I couldn’t vote for him if I wanted to in my former state of Missouri or my current state of Virginia.)

Sowell: We cannot preserve everything that was once useful

Reason: The Long Race Ahead

Random thought: Given the fallout over the gaffe Gov. Romney made challenging Gov. Perry to a $10k bet, does his staff really think that he should “double down” on the gambling rhetoric by telling voters he’s here “to collect” on Obama?’ This is a mistake.

Keith Hennessey: Free trade voting patterns in Congress

Pretense of Knowledge: Is ‘Buy American’ A Redneck Refrain? What of Cash-Mobs? (Cash mobs are flawed economic theory, just like “buy local” and “buy American.”)

The Big Questions: In Which Paul Krugman Leaves Me At a Loss for Words (I’m thinking of implementing a daily Krugman critique.)

Mankiw: Five Observations about Progressivity

ABC EXCLUSIVE: Mitt Romney to Receive Secret Service Protection

Art Laffer: Why Gingrich’s Tax Plan Beats Romney’s

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