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Steak n shake chili

I took Mary to Steak 'N Shake Last Night

MR: Labor Market Fact of the Day

CBS News: Kellogg to buy Pringles

Jalopnik: How I Put 750,000 Miles On My Honda Civic In Just Five Years 

New MW3 content

Walter Williams: Rising Black Social Pathology

If you went to High School in St. Louis… 

WSJ: Washington’s knack for picking losers

Former Obama adviser Larry Summers echoed most economists’ view when he warned the administration against federal loan guarantees to Solyndra, writing in a 2009 email that “the government is a crappy venture capitalist.” THEY SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO SLEEPY LARRY.

McArdle: Why do people oppose development?

Examiner: Why did Santorum lose in 2006?

Famous Amos on FNC

The new news for twitter

How to make your own cool key holder

The Cold Light of Day written by St. Ignatius Alumni John Petro ’95 — in theaters this April

Rustwire: An Illustrated History of Cleveland’s Varied Attempts at “Rebranding”

Irony Alert: Please consider the environment before printing these 800,000 petitions, Enviros!

Reason: Wende Museum: An Archive of the Cold War

It looks like Siri isn’t going to be a hit in Scotland

NRO: Dave Camp Spanks Tim Geithner

Sen. Kyl: Celebrate 100 years of Arizona greatness today


Heaton: The battle of the toilet seat

Things we already knew ಠ_ಠ: Eve Ensler is a quack. Apparently 1 billion dancing women will surely move the earth to end violence against women and rape. Right. While violence and rape are indeed a serious problem, keep in mind Ensler wrote a play that, among other things, made statutory lesbian rape sound like a good thing.

Thomas Sowell: The Progressive Legacy — Part 1, Part II

American: How Taxing the Rich Harms the Middle Class

AdAge: Beer-Ad Ban Hits Russia as Nation Boosts Sobriety

WSJ: How the CFPB gets its $

Sports Economist: Just give him the keys to the treasury

One of things largely ignored by those so troubled by claims of wage stagnation is what those wages can buy. If wages are statistically stagnant (not even counting the massive increase in health-care benefits afforded to workers!) and those dollars can buy more things than before, and those things are way better. Are people, comparatively worse off? No. They are richer. Take for example this 1989 Radio Shack cell phone commercial.  Prof. Mark Perry notes: “In today’s dollars, the $799 sale price would be about $1,450, and the full price of $1,139 would be more than $2,000.” When it comes to dealing with wage stagnation hysterics, just keep in mind that they usually aren’t very thoughtful people.

Does the St. Louis Democratic machine have “phantom employees?”

Santorum’s lame commercial attacking Romney for attacking him  (Can you imagine the ads he’d run if he got to the general? woof.)

Enough of these. Please.

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