Water Main Break


Say, is that a beautiful river in the middle of suburban Alexandria? No, it is my street, which I discovered was closed tonight due to a water main break.

Lucky for me, I had a growler which will keep 2 liters of water safe until Betsy and I have time to visit a store that isn’t already sold out. Actually, I’m kind of glad I have an empty growler sitting around, for once.

It’s a good exercise in how scarcity of a good affects prices, I bet we’ll see. Maybe I can do a study: How scarcity of water affects prices in supermarkets, a study. Reminds me of when Mrs. D’Orio let me out of homeroom at St. Ignatius to run to Dave’s Supermarket to stock up on water for my class as main broke near St. Ignatius and we couldn’t use or drink water and the vending machines were quickly sold out.



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