Wally World

So today I went and visited the new Wal-Mart at 6303 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA 22306. I have been excited about this for some time, since the other nearest Wal-Marts are way the hell down Route 1 and at Kingstowne.

This Wal-Mart has a grocery, but as a result, has less space to stock other things. Overall, it is smaller than an average Wal-Mart, but uses its space fairly well.

Like any good trip to Wal-Mart, I bought something I didn’t necessarily need — a $5 football for work when we do evacuation drills. My last one deflated and won’t reinflate. I also bought 4 lightbulbs for 88 cents, a new plastic liner for my shower, Great Value frozen mini hamburgers (don’t worry White Castle, they sell your stuff too, and cheaper than Giant), a pound of ground beef (73/27) for $1.98, their knock-off Velveeta for $1.50, vegetable oil, milk, coors 12 pack, and a bottle of wine for $2.97.

Without further adieu, here are my pictures. Enjoy.

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