UK Teens are Silly

Ah, Britain. You continue to entertain. Apparently, thousands of cheeky kids are raiding the Conservative Party HQ, kicking windows, burning things, and sending people to the hospital over a tuition increase.

Now, I was a rabble rouser about fees at Saint Louis University, my beloved alma-mater. We were mad that the administration was imposing a “fee” to graduate weeks before graduation. If it were clear at the beginning of the year, that would have been a different story.

So what’s the deal here? Britain wants to raise the ceiling on tuition prices  to 9,000 pounds ($14,500) a year. Big whoop. It’s hard to compare US Public colleges to UK public colleges because our systems are so dissimilar. Arizona State charges about $8,500 a year for in state tuition, but about $20,000 a year for out of state tuition. Penn State’s undergraduate tuition for residents is about $15,250.

One thing America has that Britain does not is an abundance of cheap land and pretty amazing competition for higher education. One might expect that, naturally, our costs would be lower, though not all are.

The funny little poster I made up top has a point. Yearly tuition at St. Louis University? Oh, about $31,000 a year.

An article I read quoted a youngin’ saying:

“My sister is 15, I doubt she will go away to university because it is so expensive,” said [Name Redacted], 21, from Sheffield University, northern England.

$14,500 x 4 years = 58,000 — less than a cost of a Range Rover in England. Less than 2 years at SLU. Call me crazy, but this student doesn’t know shit. I hope she isn’t studying finance, or we are screwed.

I’m sorry, but you Brits don’t have it that bad. Yet, you protest, burn things, hurt people, and all over your extremely reasonable tuition costs. Back before I was born, some kids in America had similar protests. Sure, some of them burned and destroyed government property. I don’t recall they ever hurt anyone. But they were protesting a war they felt was unjust — and four innocent people got shot and died because of it.

Now, please, go back to class before more people get hurt.

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One Thought on “UK Teens are Silly

  1. Seems natural- you change things and people get furious. Increase taxes, reform health insurance, regulate puppy mills- people hate change.

    The cost of education (college tuition) in the US is crazy. UK tuition is much more reasonable…maybe because it’s regulated?
    So comparing their tuition cost with the US doesn’t really matter.

    People wish to show their dissatisfaction to the government. As they should. Doesn’t make the increase go away and doesn’t make destruction and injury acceptable, but voicing opposition is a good thing.

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