Ugg season

It’s the worst time of the year friends. Things get frosty. People bundle up, start fires, wear winter jackets — and girls wear Uggs. Uggh, I cannot think of anything that is uglier and more annoying than Uggs.

I cannot express in words my pure hatred of Uggs. But, for you, I will try. I google imaged “Uggs” to see what I would get and if it would stir up the fire and brimstone early this Monday before work. It worked.

If you are a man who wears Uggs, we cannot be friends. Sorry. We can’t. End of story.

If you are a woman who wears Uggs, please note the following gripes I polled from some friends:

  • Sure, they may be “comfortable” but so are pajamas and I don’t see you wearing them to work.
  • Men do not find them hot — actually we think you’re trying to hide some cankles.
  • They’re not practical. If you think so you are wrong.  Elastic tops only go so far in a snow drift/nuclear apocalypse. Get something with some damn laces.
  • But they’re convenient! No, you are just lazy.
  • Hearing complaints about how they make their feet hurt. DON’T WEAR THEM, THEN!
  • “They’re too warm indoors!” Really now! What did you expect?

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