Tuesday Tax Day Links

Paging Wolf Blitzer

clotureclub: taxes due tonight

DealNews: The Best Tax Day Freebies & Deals: From Massages to Free Food

WSJ: Mutual-Fund Industry Sues CFTC Over Registration

Grover: Trickle-down taxation

MR: Relative to baseline forecasts, ACA and otherwise

Mankiw: Competition Is Healthy for Governments, Too

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Landsburg: I’m teaching at CATO University

Jacob Wood's pic of the fly by

Arlington Taxicab user survey

Reason: Uncle Sam Wants You So Badly That the Feeling May No Longer Be Reciprocal

Bloomberg: The Sliming of Pink Slime’s Creator

Department of: 

Politico: Obama launches attack on oil speculators  (My earlier writing on the topic)

GGW: Graduate of DC schools says he wasn’t prepared for college

Olivia Wilde is an economic genius! (Not really, but her birth last name was Cockburn..)

Atlantic Wire: ALEC, Group That Pushed Stand Your Ground, Quits the Culture Wars

Bob Beckel’s F-Bomb

Reuters: Special Report: Tax time pushes some Americans to take a hike

John McCain endorses Josh Mandel #myfriends

TNR: If Health Insurance Mandates Are Unconstitutional, Why Did the Founding Fathers Back Them?

Understanding Tax Fairness


The Atlantic: What the ‘End of Retail’ Means for Young Workers

That’s playoff hockey

Wonkette: GSA Crashing Its Own Party With Tales of Exploding Toilets, Bubble Baths And Wine Coolers

ABCNews: Cheers! Photos Show Embattled GSA Official Enjoying Wine and Soak in Spa Tub at M Hotel During “Pre-Conference” Meeting (what happens when old people use social media)

WaPo: St. Elizabeths renovation as security campus faces resistance

Consumerist: Seattle Man Victorious Over Apple In Small Claims Court | Michigan Lottery Winner Charged With Welfare Fraud


Weekly Standard: The Death of a Gimmick

Tucker Max: Duke story

NakedDC: Jennifer Granholm is forgetful

Gizmodo: Bucky Balls Could Double Your Lifespan (I think I’ll take a pass on eating my bucky cubes)

Reuters: US rejects import duties on refrigerators, steel wheels (small victory for consumers)

Gizmodo: What the Hell Happened to Google Wallet’s Cash-Free Future? (I love google wallet, I use it)

Kotaku: The Domino’s iPad Game Could Transform The Way We Order Pizza (And Get Jobs) (Amazing that potential Domino’s employees might own iPads.)

Says the Left: We were rich and awesome when taxes were higher

City: Illinois Shows What Not to Do

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