Tuesday Madness

Tuesday was a wicked busy day for me. Only one day after the oft-discussed metro accident, the city remained on edge.

I gave a tour of work to my friend Rocco’s brother, Ed and his girlfriend. I miss giving tours sometimes, but not that much really.

Then, my buddy Steve had his pinning ceremony at Senator Murkowski’s office. Former Senator Ted Stevens was there, as Steve used to work for him — both Senators pinned on his Captain bars.


Senator Stevens adds Steve’s new bars for the rank of Captain in the USAF.

After going back to work and finishing the day at about 6:45, Steve threw his “wetting down” party at Irish Times. Sally, I, and some others all went and had a few drinks with Steve and his friends.


We even had the famed Disaronno, which is sort of an inside joke from our Alaska trip.

After the party died down, I cautiously ventured to the metro to head back to Huntington. The metro crash has caused significant delays on the red line and the trip took me forever.

Naturally, I got to reading stuff for work, and was going through the May booklet of Economic Indicators from the JEC.

A little Boston Red Sox fan sat down next to me (the trains were nearly full after the Sox – Nats game) and took interest in the graph I was reading on unemployment.

unemployment may

(click to expand)

I ended up going over the graph with the little guy and he found it interesting. I did mention he should probably find a better baseball team to follow, like the Indians or the Cardinals.

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