Tuesday Links

White Castles at the Capitol

March Madness = Over

ARLNOW: Federal Employees Can Now Go Swimming at Ft. Myer

Reason: Another Obama Administration Attempt at Solar Power Central Planning Goes Bust | “Rent-a-Vet Scams” One More Reason to Shut Down Small Business Administration

Wash Times: Metro transit police: Not quite the region’s finest

GGW: Can federal offices change neighborhoods for the better?

IJReview: The Tax System Explained in Beer

MR: What Export-Oriented America Means

Daily Krugman Rebuttal: Block Grants and Bad Faith

Thunder Buddies

Carpe Diem: Matt Ridley’s 17 Reasons to be Cheerful

WMATA’s Union Newsletter circa 2008 (seriously, read it)

Instagram is here for Android. I can finally join the hipsters and their iphones

Gizmodo: Instagram for Android Hands On: Hello, Old Friend

Sowell: The invincible dogma

CNN: ‘Dumb and Dumber 2’ filming this year, with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels

HUFFPO: David Englin, Virginia Lawmaker, Acknowledges Affair While Declining Re-Election Bid (David Englin is my Delegate in Virginia, I’ve written to/about him over the years.)

City Beat: God Save the Queen

OTB: New Arizona Law Seeks To Purge All Mean Words From The Internet

Kyl: The ‘Buffett Rule’ Is Not A Serious Tax Proposal

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