Tuesday Links

Federal mediation board

John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey work here, I think.

Reason: Why Capitalism isn’t going anywhere

Mitchell: The Higher-Education Bubble and Third-Party Payer

Byron York: Hollywood turns ‘Game Change’ into Palin biopic

Dallas Observer: Behold, Shiner’s New Wild Hare Ads

ARLNow: Arlington Police to do a DUI check point on Friday

Sowell: Academic Hypocrisy

Alyson Chadwick: My David Duchovny story

Jalopnik: These Are The Insanely Expensive Cars That GWU Students Drive

You are listening to Baltimore

ODT: Where do Great Ideas Come From?

Whoisbrew: Dallas Gets Crafty: Deep Ellum Brewing Company <-Drew Huerter’s shop

STLToday: U.S. Supreme Court declines to review St. Louis eminent domain sign case

Landsburg: What is it like to talk batty?

Dept. of ‘But Why?’: WSJ’s Facebook Pages Target of ‘Comment Flashmob’

WFNY: New Browns Uniforms?

Deadspin: The Making Of “Homer At The Bat,” The Episode That Conquered Prime Time 20 Years Ago Tonight

GGW: Latest data shows plenty of car-free living in DC (I made a comment on the post)

GGW: The Evolution of MetroRail in DC

WSJ: Facebook Profiles Found to Predict Job Performance

Roll Call: Can Barack Obama Get Black Voters in Ohio Excited? | Welcome or not, back to culture war | Obama Inches Closer to Midnight Rules

Atlantic: Why don’t Americans riot anymore?

Volokh: Supreme Court Agrees to Review University of Texas Affirmative Action Case

Chaucer liked to bomble — who knew?

Weekly Standard: The Big Creep

The Hill: Poll: Rep. Flake with commanding lead in Arizona Senate primary

Wonkette: FBI Breaks Up Latest Terrorist Plot That It Created

Heaton: Teddy Roosevelt Didn’t Exist (and Other Interesting Presidential Facts)

A mug that keeps mustaches dry

Gunny: Somebody picked the wrong house

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