Tuesday Links

Freight Train Rolls Through Alexandria

CafeHayek: Minimum Understanding

NYTimes: The economics of the Washington Post

Reason: An Orange Country Deputy Shot an Unarmed Marine in Front of His Children Last Week

City: The Last Sane Liberal

EOnline: Worst of the Grammys — Nicki Menaj

USNEWS: Occupy Wall Street Must Learn That We Are What We Buy

Lugar: Big Sugar’s Valentine’s Day surprise

LifeHacker: How to build a notifier app for your website on Google Chrome

Esquire: Wayne’s World 20th Anniversary

Business Week: Gazprom’s Empire at the End of the Earth

LifeHacker: Grab a Free DVD Rental, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, and More Valentine’s Day Freebies Here

Mankiw: The latest from The Standup Economist

Is Christina Aguilera this skinny? No

Keith Hennessey: The ratio of spending cuts to tax increases in the President’s budget

Tax Foundation: “Buffett Rule” Would Cause Marginal Tax Rate of 90%

Neighborhood Effects: Governor O’Malley Ties Taxes to Educational Achievement

UVA: Happy Trails: The Muted Effect of House Retirements (If you think term limits are the answer, maybe a more informed electorate will do)

Sad: Santorum Now Ties Romney Nationally

BusinessWeek: The efficiency paradox (Driving a Prius is wrong and other inconvenient truths)

Politico: Babeu v. Gosar

Wayne Crews: How to Swap the Obama Budget for an Optimistic Economic Growth Agenda

Volokh: Constitutional Right to Moderately Corporally Punish One’s Child

McArdle: Envisioning a Post-Campus America

WSJ: The Amazing Obama Budget

Neighborhood Effects: What happens when Regulators are biased?

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