Tuesday Links (1/31/12)

Photo I took of a Smithsonian storage truck’s license plate

I am thinking about ending “The Overnight” page in favor of a daily links page. If you’re loyal to one concept or the other leave a comment! Also, it turns out the google brought my review of Bud Light Platinum to some strangers in DC and I was able to help them find the product! Hooray internets and welcome strangers!

FamousDC: Newt Gingrich and Ali G (Yo, Check it)

Reason: Obama’s Flawed Case for Insourcing

Plain Dealer: Josh Mandel’s quick but quiet climb up political ladder offers clues about his senatorial prospects

WashTimes: CBO says federal employees rake in much more pay | Full CBO Report

Roll Call: Senate Parliamentarian Al Frumin retires

Deadspin: LeBron photobombing? | People can be horrible 

Cafe Hayek: Krugman’s Austere Science

Forbes: The Apple Boycott: People Are Spouting Nonsense about Chinese Manufacturing

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