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Texas Monthly: Fightin’ Words: Scott Brown v. Whole Foods

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BoingBoing: Hasbro tricks fan-blogger into revealing his address so they can send him legal threats over widely available leaked product | the emails

Zero Hedge: Economic Data Dump Round Up

WashWire: ‘Nine Dollar Gas’ Tops Political-Ad Charts

Consumerist: Some NY Gas Stations Adding $2/Gallon Credit Card Fee | No Photography Please, This Is A BJ’s Wholesale Club

WSJ: Amazon Agrees to Begin Collecting Sales Taxes in Nevada

HotAir: Tragic turn to NC Democratic Party turmoil

Politico: Jason Altmire-Mark Critz race tests labor’s muscle

Reason: NJ Gov. Chris Christie Won’t Beg NBA Nets to Stay But Happy to Shower Corporate Welfare on Others

Journalism: Google closes down online news payment system One Pass

Rep. Gary Ackerman has an awesome car

KatMiller: Urban Outfitters wants your boyfriend to mock the Holocaust with a t-shirt, because you’re both horrible people

Gawker: Caught On Camera: Girl Chatting On Cellphone Swallowed Up by Sinkhole in China

Buzzfeed: The Most Popular Dog On Instagram

RIP: Jerry Wamser | Jerry B. Wamser, former GOP St. Louis mayoral candidate and election official, dies at 65 | 24th State: Remembering Jerry Wamser and his Secret

Cleveland.com: Josh Cribbs appearing on ‘Hot in Cleveland’ episode

Video:  “If I wanted America to fail”

Guardian: Did Pippa Middleton break French criminal law?

ars technica: Google on track to outspend banks, big tobacco in lobbying

24th State: Ex-McCaskill Staffer Bob Burns Goes Down in Flames

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