Traffic Nightmare

Today, traffic was the worst I have ever seen in D.C. Maybe it’s because we experienced a storm, but if you want my opinion, the storm was pretty tame.

There were, however, a fair amount of downed trees across the area, and that I presume impeded traffic. Typically, it takes me 15-20 minutes to get home, depending upon when I leave, which is usually later. Tonight, I should have stayed late because it took me two hours to get home. But, on my drive home, only three trees impeded traffic, and it is unconscionable that it took this long. I blame Maryland and D.C. drivers.

Ever see that movie, Falling Down? At the urging of one of my colleagues, I bought a copy for .99 cents on eBay. It was worth it. Today’s traffic jam was exactly like that. Pointless, hot, and my air conditioning did not work.

Now, I am not in the state of mind to abandon Condi and go postal, but it was maddening. Plus, there was no way I could walk home, and I am not going to leave Condi anywhere, much less Southeast Washington. Here are a few screenshots from my hour spent on I-295 (it took me 30 minutes to just get on from 11th and M, SE.)

I won’t abandon driving to take the metro. We can be sure of that, but after a long day, a cancelled softball game, and this traffic, I had to have a Five Guys burger, which I did. Now I’m hanging out with Mary and her friend Wendy. Both of their power supplies are out, so I let them crash at my place.

UPDATE: Want to know why we have a traffic problem in this area? The D.C. government is run by imbiciles. Take this email I just received for example.

to Transportation Alert Recipients
date Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 10:18 PM
subject Alert DC Transportation Incident
hide details 10:18 PM (22 minutes ago)
DDOT reports a tree down in the roadway at 295 Southbound just after the Laboratory Rd. Exit. Due to the downed tree, lane 3 of Southbound 295 is blocked. DDOT R.O.P. is on the scene placing flairs and cones around the tree to warn motorists.

Sent by DC HSEMA to e-mail….powered by Cooper Notification RSAN

Um, yeah. That tree was down when I drove by it at 8:20, over two hours ago. It wasn’t the reason it took me two hours to get home, but it did add to the problem. D.C. has what, three freeways? How hard can it be, people? I am so glad I am NOT a resident of the District of Columbia. They want to be a state, which was never intended, and they can’t get their crap together. Not a surprise.

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