Tony LaRussa & Yes

With the news of the death of Yes co-founder Chris Squire, I’m reminded of a story from 2004.

Back then, I was living in Saint Louis, and for two years I lived in a complex called the Chase Park Plaza. It was part-apartments, part-hotel, with a movie theater and lots of dining options. It was a very nice place to live.

At the time, then St. Louis Cardinals baseball coach Tony LaRussa lived out the season in the hotel side, along with some other coaches.

A bar manager I befriended, Sarah, told me this story one night as I stopped in for a drink.

Sarah pulls into the garage, and parks. She sees this red sports car with the door open and loud music blasting out of it. She walks slowly to the entrance to the hotel and the music stops. The driver gets out of the car, it having been turned off.

She stops and gawks, as it is none other than Tony LaRussa. He looks at her, takes off his sunglasses, and says: “What? You don’t like Yes?”

I can’t say that I am a big follower of Progressive Rock, but Yes put out some great stuff. And Tony LaRussa was a fan.

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