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Capital Living

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Ramussen: 59% View Money-Losing Auto Bailouts As a FailureVirginia: Romney 45%, Obama 44%

Heritage: Federal Budget in Pictures Shows America’s Spending and Debt Crises

Austan Goolsbee has a blog

Gawker: Girl with Down’s Is Unwitting Subject of Mean Internet Meme

Reason: Postal Service Could Cut Saturday Delivery in Two to Three Years, No Guarantees (Like Priority Mail)…

WSJ: Accusations Fly in NBA Union War

HotAir: Perry endorses Romney

Consumerist: Illinois Judge: Law Requiring Amazon To Collect Sales Tax Is Unconstitutional | Which Baseball Stadiums Have The Priciest Beer?

BoingBoing: 2,000 patents have been granted for shaped pasta

JESUS TAP-DANCING CHRIST: The best Craigslist Ad you’ll see this year

DCist: Seeing Red: Is That D.C. Taxicab Charging New Rates?

While I’d like to see these price controls abolished, why not let them choose a system? Seems fair to me.

DCist: Mystery Solved! Capital City Diner Moving to Union Market

Daily Caller: EPA official apologizes for ‘crucify’ the oil and gas producers comments

Say NO to Crack, Say YES! to Roller Skating

WSJ: Kay Hymowitz: Why Women Make Less Than Men

Will: Illinois is running out of time and money

WKYC: Did Akron mom go too far with Facebook punishment? (Um… NO)

Sullivan: Ask Ackerman Anything: What Do You Hate About Beltway Culture?

GGW: Walmart’s 6 DC stores: Some will be urban, some won’t

Intercontinental stereotypes

The Hill: Biden: Obama has ‘big stick,’ Romney doesn’t

Dear Abby: My Kid’s Law School Loans Are Ruining My Life

MightyHeaton: Inspidity

Volokh: Now Here’s a Bad Idea–Allowing Discharge of Student Loans in Bankruptcy

What Slayer Will Demand If They Play at Your Festival

Reuters: George Zimmerman: Prelude to a shooting

GREAT phone. (I have the older version) and you get $50 free credit from google wallet. Nice

AdAge: Apple’s Rare Ad Misstep: Celebrity Siri Ads That Slice The Wrong Way

Aaron Schock Discusses Youth Vote on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports

Slashdot: Travelling Salesman, Thriller Set In a World Where P=NP

WaPo: Rep. Lynn Jenkins discovers Congress’ witness-scaring secrets


Cleveland Browns draft decision seems clear: Justin Blackmon or Trent Richardson (or trade?)


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