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CBS Detroit: Lawsuit: Student Needs Guinea Pig For Support

Reason: Come Back, Technology, All is Forgiven: A Libertarian Repents

Reuters: WTO dents U.S. ban on clove cigarettes

Yahoo: Greece shaken by retiree’s suicide in central Athens

Scene: Ohio Won’t Execute People For Awhile

DCist: Twaggin: Marion Barry Wins Democratic Primary, Proceeds to Blow Up Twitter

STLToday: Ellisville again delays vote on Walmart (Walmart = good, TIFs = Bad)

Roll Call: John Boehner Likely to Stay Neutral in GOP Presidential Race

Bloomberg: Apple’s War on Android | KFC’s big game of chicken

OpenMarket: In defense of pink slime (Come on, people, it’s not Soylent Green)

Travel Channel: Virginia’s Wine Country

Examiner: Barry: ‘We’ve got to do something about these Asians coming in’

WSJ: Inside AT&T’s Strike Boot Camp

Atlantic: The Strange (and Formerly Sexist) Economics of Engagement Rings

GenderGapPolitics: Obama believes women should be admitted to Augusta

DailyCaller: Va. school teacher thinks ‘Republicans are stupid’

DailyCaller: Maybe Ryan Gosling shouldn’t have saved that woman from a cab

NyMag: Ryan Gosling Actually History’s Greatest Monster

Texts from Hillary Clinton

CNN: U.S. Coast Guard to sink Japanese boat washed away by tsunami

WaPo: The Watergate Exxon’s famously expensive gas

Lifehacker: How to take the fun out of hangman

Bing has a rewards program

Ouch: Baltimore Orioles lose to community college team

i09: One of history’s most violent explosions may have been caused by trees

WSJ: Killing Coal

Shelby Steele: The Exploitation of Trayvon Martin

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