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Cherry blossoms

Cherry Blossoms at Longworth

WSJ: Millionaires On Buffett Rule:Thanks, but No Thanks

Have you ever noticed the cat on Tortilla Coast’s Roof? 

George Will: The inexorable march of creative destruction

CafeHayek: Oxymoron: ‘Planned Progress’

NBER: Only 5.5% of the holders of commercialized patents are women.

I can see the feminists now: “We want fair patent laws! Restrict male patents until women are equal patenters!”

MR: Why Don’t Women Patent?

Markets in Everything: Soccer balls that provide electricity

Orszag: Atlanta’s Water War Is First in a Gathering Flood

Lifehacker: What Do I Need to Do Now That I’m Making Some Legit Money Freelancing

Gizmodo: The case against google

wsj: Amazon faces taxing times

Reason: Time To Take Our Medicine, Bring on the Foreclosures Says Jim The Realtor

DCist: It Won’t Fit: Tractor-Trailer Stuck in Tunnel

GGW: To remain affordable, Alexandria must get creative

I disagree, and will write some thoughts on why later.

GGW: DC Neighborhoods in 1877

CBS LA: City Council Warns ‘Crack Ho’ Comments ‘Intolerable’, Calls For Diversity In Talk Radio (I’m sure the courts will have nothing to say about this law…)

Mohammad Merah: France really let this stew for 32 hours?

Roll Call: Dollar fight is paper vs. metal

Tax Foundation: Census Data Shows Inequality Linked to Education, Not Taxes

Tax Foundation: New Jersey Hits Maryland Company With Tax For Allowing Telecommuting

When Politifact is wrong

Fox News: Teen’s porn star date to prom scuttled by district officials

What a hastily written amendment by Rep. Cicilline

Washingtonian: How Does the National Park Service Know When the Cherry Trees Will Blossom?

Lake County Captains: ‘Moby Dick’: Minor-league club reels in three-pound fish sandwich

Awesome: Boy Forced to Hold “I Like to Steal” Sign in Public as Punishment

Cleveland: New mystery robocalls against Rep. Jim Renacci prompt complaints

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