Thursday Links (Sim City Edition)

Metrobus token

Indians v. Diamondbacks Highlights

FamousDC: Barney Frank Banned From House Floor, Likely Doesn’t Care

Prof. Boudreaux: Open Letter to Rep. Sandy Levin

McSweeney: Hipster logic problems

Heaton: Mobile phone horror

Slate: What Geography Can Teach Us About Basketball

Lifehacker: How to Determine If a Charity Like Kony 2012 Is Worth Your Money

TheHill: Sen. Hatch facing do-or-die caucuses

Dept. of “BOOOO Bicyclists: You are not above the law:” Cyclist Struck by Truck at 11th and U Streets Last Week Won’t Face Ticket for Riding Without a Helmet

What I was doing this AM at 4:51 (it wasn’t sleeping)

538: How would Santorum do without Gingrich?

Payson Roundup: Commend Kyl for alerting the public

Kyl: Morality of the Free Market and Earned Success

Deadspin: Jose Canseco Will Not Play In The Mexican League Because He Can’t Pass A Drug Test

Related: The Mets get shot down by Jake Taylor

Deadspin: Steakhouse Waiter Fired For Showing The World What A Great Tipper Peyton Manning Is

Dept. of Fuck Yeah: Electronic Arts bringing back ‘SimCity’ franchise (h/t Frank)

The new site: | Game overview | PC World write up |

Got $20k? You can own the Capital City Diner (DCist)

The Hill: White House simulates cyber attack for senators in push for more regulation

Where did Congress go to school? (We need more economists)

Kid writes awesome letter to meteorologist (odds are, he’ll hate him as an adult for being wrong)

Example of how East coast elites are plain snobby — Olive Garden = awesome

Examiner: Pat Robertson: Legalize marijuana

NYT: The Gingriches Take to the Dance Floor

Pluto: Peyton Manning to the Cleveland Browns? Here’s why it doesn’t make sense

Ezra Klein: Why Do the Kochs Want to Kill Cato Institute?

This commercial would have been better if it actually starred Jim Bunning

This guy kind of looks like Greg Smith


HuffPo: Rick Santorum at Penn State: ‘Rooster’ Liked To Chug

Washingtonian: The 7 Most Overpriced Dishes in Washington

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