Thursday Links

The boat

This car is smiling at me

The Payroll Tax Cut debate reminds me of a Lewis Black Joke: Nobody got a $300 check, and looked at it and went “Son-of-a-bitch. Free at last!”

MR: Not from Atlas Shrugged

Boudreaux: On Will, the USSC, and Rent Control

Sallie James: Trade with China | Shut down the Ex-Im Bank

Goldberg: Free Healthcare? That’s Rich

Economist: Over-Regulated America

(Somewhat) Daily Krugman rebuttal 

Crews: How to Swap the Obama Budget for an Optimistic Economic Growth Agenda

Happy Birthday, LeVar Burton

WaPo: Do we really need another Kennedy in Washington?

Above the Law: Possible Criminal Charges for a Georgetown Criminal Law Professor

All of those horrible “think I do memes” in one place

Noahpinion: How I survived the Economics Job Market

Roll Call: The Boy Mayor’s Last Stand <- Boy Mayor = Kucinich

Atlantic Wire: Pinterest’s money making plans

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