Thursday Linkage


POK: Do Unemployment Checks “Stimulate” The Economy?

Columbus Dispatch: Losing propositions

Cafe Hayek: Thuggery Masquerading as Public Policy

Triblive: Ode to the Middleman

Early letter from John Nash to the NSA

Mitch Hedberg’s letter to Uni-Ball

AdAge: Obama Administration Moves Forward With Privacy Bill of Rights

NYTimes: Selecting a Seatmate to Make Skies Friendlier [h/t P. Eliot]

I did some awesome photoshopping yesterday

Extended Version – Ronald’s Karaoke Dating

NewYorker: Party Crasher

DailyMail: Santorum campaign suggests Mitt Romney may have done deal to make Ron Paul his running mate

Heaton: Wisdom, Maturity & How to Fake Either

GGW: Pepco Benning Road site is perfect for the NFL or FBI

PCMag: Flickr Getting New Look, HTML5 Uploader

Buzzfeed: Man Photoshops Celebrities Into His Holiday Party Photos

Mitch Hedberg Joke of the day:

“at jimmy john’s we love it when other sandwich places have ads that say ’50 cents off any sandwich…we accept competitors’ coupons.’  that’s why at jimmy john’s sandwiches we are going to make coupons that say ‘unlimited free sandwiches, not good at ANY jimmy john’s locations.’  that way all the other sandwich places will go out of business, and we will be a monopoly.  and then the government will shut us down, but then we’ll feed them a sandwich and they’ll open us back up.  because jimmy john’s sandwiches are that good.”

Meanwhile, in Peoria

Roll Call: Take a gander at Ron Paul’s credit card statement

ARLNow: Will Chevys Restaurant in Pentagon City Close Next?

WSJ: In Lieu of Toasters, Customers Burned


STLToday: Nightclub holding light-skinned vs. dark-skinned women contest

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