This.Is.Huge.–JJ in Arlington

I now know what I am doing on the way home from work. I am going to Jimmy Johns. Most of you in DC have never experienced Jimmy Johns. It’s amazing. I highly recommend you go there. We had one at SLU and it was ever so popular because SLU’s food wasn’t too tolerable. As a result, they got robbed a lot. I joked about that when I ran for SGA President. Naturally, I ran on a privatization of SLU’s food plan. I didn’t win.

Before now, there were two Jimmy Johns in DC. One in College Park and one in Alexandria, that is only open until 7pm (3am was the closing time at the SLU location) and it was closed on Sundays. It is located near the USPTO, and not too terribly far from me. Obviously, due to the early closing time, I rarely had the opportunity to go. When I did, I bought day-old bread. Their bread is great, and extremely cheap. Get some.

So thanks to SLU alumni Jim Green, I am now informed of an opening of Jimmy Johns in Arlington. Open 7 days, until 9pm. No fan fare like the Chick-Fil-A that just opened there. Boom, there they are.

Here’s a graphic I made.

Mike O’Neill, when describing Chipotle to me for the first time said “it’s subway meets taco bell, but gourmet.” Good description. I’d describe Jimmy Johns as a gourmet utilitarian sub shop. Hard to compare to Subway/Quizno’s/Potbellies. It’s just awesome. Jimmy Johns is basic, but it does basic extremely well. Think Five Guys. But they deliver. Now you’re getting it.

So awesome, in fact, that Mitch Hedburg did a slew of radio ads for them before he died. Enjoy.

Jimmy John’s
2450 Crystal Drive
Arlington, VA


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