This is Green?

According to the Washington Post, the DC Metro Area has over 140 Farmer’s Markets.  So I commented on their facebook post:

Think of all the food miles 140 farmers markets racks up. Sounds less and less “green” to me.


As Huffington Post / Freakonomics recently explained, “Eating local” isn’t actually very green at all. (Read this report.)

Farmers commuting to and from 140 different Farmer’s Markets can definitely add more food miles to your produce than if you got it at Wegman’s, Walmart or Shoppers.

Now I’m not poo-pooing on Farmer’s Markets. I like them a lot. However, I don’t like it when I get lectures about how they’re doing it for environmental reasons when much of the research shows they don’t know what they’re talking about. OK, maybe I do like that, just so I can point this out to them.

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