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Can you imagine living in a van during graduate school to save money? Click the picture to read more.

One post stands out so far, mainly, his encounter with a local homeless person, who dupes him.

I gave him three bucks and he thanked me and said he was leaving town to find work. But only one of us got what they wanted from the transaction.

Which gets me thinking, since donating to the homeless is indeed a transaction, not unlike purchasing a good. Except these donations are where you buy “good will points” from somebody peddling them through desperation.

He later finds out the following:

Just yesterday I heard the same voice yelling in my direction. From amongst his council of homeless comrades, huddled together, warming their hands around a flaming barrel, he yelled, “Hey man! Are you from town?,” which I then realized was the prologue to his standard routine. This time he was audibly drunk and had no idea that I was the one he “fooled” the week before.

I had no sympathy this time around; just disdain, maybe even a strange hint of envy. I ignored him and his subsequent screams.

It’s experiences like these that hurt the likelihood of future donations to homeless people. I know of a couple that walk around my old part of Old Town Alexandria perpetually seeking money for gas.

The cost-break down shows that this is a very cheap way to live.

I’ll update this post as I read more over the coming weeks.

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