The Wussification of American Sports

Today, The Washington Post asked facebook followers the following:

Classless? Yes. Classic Philly behavior? Yes. Suspension? No.

I mean, come on. Really? However, just like WTOP talk back line callers I heard this morning — people think this should be a crime.

To the unreasonable comments:

Joshua Henderson Harper should be able to press charges.
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Melba Carr well… yeah. Hasn’t there been enough publicity about concussions?
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Sarah Wells He need to be banned for life from baseball. I never liked Pete Rose and he did far less than this criminal!
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Ryan Anthony Ambrose This is assault.
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Nolan Lemon If he actually admitted to purposely hitting a person with a 93 mph pitch, he unwittingly confessed to assault and battery.

There’s little diffence between that and a batter walking up to the mound and hitting a pitcher with a baseball bat. It’s violent. It’s battery, and there’s no place in the game for that. And (not that is matters) it was the FIRST INNING!!!

He should be suspended for at least the season. Players have been suspended for longer periods for much less.
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Dickson Kendrick Yes. Absolutely he should.

I don’t think throwing at batters should typically be a suspendable offense. But, a crime? That is a stretch. My response to the most egregious post:

 ‎@Nolan — should people who fight in hockey, including kids, be hauled off to jail rather than the penalty box? Society needs to grow a pair.

That’s my conclusion: Society needs to grow a pair. 

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  1. Do you think the shortened NBA season had anything to do with his injuries?

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