The Salt Shortage That Wasn’t?

With the polar vortexes ravaging North America, cities and states are finding themselves running out of salt. The media is freaking out, especially after the nightmare in Atlanta.

Here’s a sampling of headlines in my feedly reader:


Before you freak out, thinking your municipality is going to start spraying salt-heavy cheese all over your roads, the salt experts have something to say:

There isn’t a salt shortage. 

Believe it or not, there is a Salt Institute here in Washington. I suppose if everyone has their own lobbyists and think tanks, Big Salt deserves one, too.

Here’s what Lori Roman, President of the Salt Institute, has to say about the state of salt:

There isn’t a salt shortage—salt is in abundant supply. However, some of the country is experiencing a more severe winter than normal leaving some municipalities and Departments of Transportation with low inventories. While many agencies try to have enough salt on hand in the fall to get them through an entire winter, recent weather is forcing many to order again mid-season which is not an ideal situation as there is a lead time for delivery.


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