The Latest Obama Debate Loss Conspiracy

Liberals have had a hard time dealing with President Obama’s poor debate performance.

Many liberals, if not most, have blamed Jim Lehrer for not doing a good job of keeping time — despite the fact that Obama’s debate possession clock gave him a three minute advantage.

Others have come up with a cornucopia of excuses as to why President Obama came out flat.

What I wasn’t expecting was a 2004esque conspiracy. Never underestimate the power of the Democratic Underground to concoct creative excuses.

Remember, friends, President Bush only did well because he apparently cheated in 2004. According to our current conspiracy theorists, apparently, cheating is the reason Mitt Romney did so well.


UPDATE: Tipster TM reveals the conspiracy is going mainstream.

UPDATE 2: Wonkette considers the fact that it might be a handkerchief.

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