The Fake Peter Hamby Controversy

Here’s the deal fellow conservatives. Some of you need to chill out. It’s Monday.

I log into twitter and see the latest controversy is that CNN’s Peter Hamby is allegedly telling his twitter followers to donate to Barack Obama’s campaign.

I’m going to have to pull out the self-appointed internet coach’s bullshit challenge flag and throw it on the field here.

Depicted on the left are the tweets conservatives, sadly, are throwing out onto the interwebs.

Without, in my view, a proper understanding of what Hamby’s tweet meant.

Hamby is a political reporter for CNN. Let’s see what he said.


You mean Hamby tweeted that, in his view, Wisconsin is now a battleground state because the President is having an event there? He linked to the page that had the details of the event?

Let me break out my web-telestrator and show you why he might have shared the link.

Yes, those would be the details — the proof — of the event. What Hamby is saying makes Wisconsin a battleground. Sounds like something a reporter, you know, would report.

What is more likely? Peter Hamby is overtly tweeting his partisan views on his work twitter account. Or that he was reporting news?

It’s obviously the latter.

Conservatives saying he should be fired and things like “Goebbels would be proud” should be ashamed.

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3 Thoughts on “The Fake Peter Hamby Controversy

  1. Ich bin sehr stolz auf diese CNN-Reporter.

  2. You make a valid point, but to some extent I think we’ve been way too patient with these perfectly plausible coincidences (not a single other source he could point to other than the campaign contribution page? what are the odds that this perfectly innocent action would ever run the other way?). We shouldn’t get overly upset but a little nose tweaking at Hamby’s expense won’t hurt anyone but Hamby and well, anyone else who was going to inadvertantly suggest donating to one of the campaigns.

    On a closely related note, have you seen the Truthaganda appeal?

    I think it’s awesome just for the concept of slapping the Honey Boo Boos around, and part of it is to push back against all these little goofs. One of the lead news teases on Fox5 last night was “After a week of turmoil in the Middle East, how will Romney ever correct his gaffes?”

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