The end of the washing machine saga (let’s hope)

Today marks what should probably be the last bit of my washing machine saga. If you haven’t read up on it in the past posts, here they are, in order

As you saw in previous posts, I had trouble getting Maani to get me the parts in a timely manner, so I ordered them myself, which created a side-show saga with me, GE, and ultimately my condo’s management company.

Maani installed the part, so we thought. After two loads, part of my condo had water leaking out of the machine and onto the carpet. We dried it, waited a day, and did one more load. Same thing, but we caught the water before it leaked.

Maani returned, and said that he’d have to break either the front of the washer or the bottom water collection tub to get in. I said forget it. I called GE’s official repair service, which I did not know about. I wish I did, it would have saved a lot of trouble.

Vinny came out today, and found that Maani did not install the lock plate properly, and it was not resting in the special niche that caused the tub to be lifted properly to wash. The tub was lower than it should have been, and totally destroyed the part that seals the tub from the rest of the machine, and that is why water started leaking everywhere when it normally would not have.

The GE service comes with a 5-year warranty on the part, and 30 days on labor. I watched him fix it, and he clearly did a better job than Maani did. While Maani was very nice, he did a poor job and ended up making things worse. I’m in the process of asking for our $139 back. If that doesn’t happen, he can expect a fury of bad ratings from me — starting here.

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