The Debate is obviously over

I don’t often talk about religion. Or science. But a recent video of a gorilla walking at a zoo has prompted some of my friends to insinuate the debate about evolution is clearly over. Yes. A YouTube video is the pocket ace, Christians be damned!

I tend to believe both evolution and creationism are true. Of course, I believe the universe exists because God created it. I also don’t believe that Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sunday because God was able to create humans in 6 days and wanted to rest for a delicious chicken sandwich.

The bible’s interpretation is just that — an interpretation. Maybe God intended for evolution. But this video has signified the end of the evolution debate for some. Though, I’m not really sold that it does that. Maybe when the gorilla stops throwing poop around, and tells us his views on entitlement reform, the proper role of government, and the role of the UN in US diplomacy, I will be impressed. But that is unlikely to happen in my view.

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One Thought on “The Debate is obviously over

  1. Do you believe in evolution or creationism? YES!

    Your stance for a God guided evolution is the safest for a man in DC.


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