“Thanks, friend. Yours, Patrick Wessel”

My late friend Patrick Wessel was a hipster years before hipsterism was cool. I think he’d probably regard most modern hipsters as phonies.

Since today would have been his 27th birthday, I figured I should share a memory. A facebook message he sent me and others. Patrick was always the entrepreneur.

Patrick Wessel
  • hello friend

    hello friend, i am selling my keyboard. before i put it on ebay, i thought i might let you know. the price is 695. it is a roland e-200 intelligent keyboard. go to http://www.keyboardmag.com/story.asp?storycode=117 to see a review of this keyboard. it is a great keyboard and the retail price is 1200. but, at 695, i am giving you one hell of a deal, friend.

    THIS GREAT KEYBOARD INCLUDES a roland dynamic footpedal priced at 50 dollars FOR FREE! also included is a keyboard stand, valued at 100 dollars, FOR FREE! this is a bargain you can’t pass up! if you are interested, let me know as soon as possible, because this baby will be up on ebay very soon, where bidders will probably send the price to about 1000 dollars.

    ALSO, now available from me is also a KEYTAR. That synthesizer sound from the 80s is back as can be, and YOU NEED a KEYTAR. RIGHT NOW. Made in Italy, this Roland AX-7 (see http://createdigitalmusic.com/2005/04/21/keytar-lives-rolands-ax-7/ for a review), is hip, and now you can be hip to it! If you don’t have a keytar, you’re not a hipster…you’re a hipster doofus!

    The Roland AX-7 is now going for the low-low price of $195, even though it is valued at $495, and is ACTUALLY PRICELESS! It includes a strap and a midi cable. You’re not going to find this keytar this cheap, anywhere else!

    Both of these instruments are in near-mint condition. Just slight use, which includes a few very small scratches. Nothing noticeable.

    This is one great deal that you can’t pass up. If you or anyone you know is interested in making a purchase before I put these babies up on Ebay, let me know, ASAFP.

    Thanks, friend. Yours, Patrick Wessel

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