Terrelle Pryor’s Odd Facebook Musings

So, Terrelle Pryor’s twitter account led me to his newly created facebook page.


Let’s just say that Terrelle Pryor’s facebook musings do not make me doubt that he didn’t do well on the Wunderlic test.

Maybe I should be kinder, since he’s only posted four things since starting his account. But, these sorts of things from an NFL player are just kind of odd. They’re the sort of questions you get from trolls on the internet, or those spam accounts that friend you.

I am not saying that Terrelle Pryor is an idiot, I’m just saying his social media posts would lead most people to believe that. Celebrities use social media to promote themselves or causes they love.

Asking people if they have the day off tomorrow, or how their day was, or even “Have a great day!?” accomplishes none of those goals, and in this case, probably is a net negative since it is working against him in the public image.

Just a thought.

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