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Douchers on Metro

The other day when I got on Metro at Union Station and was blessed with two douchers on the same train ride home!

First was this snotty looking high school kid who sat in the outer seat with a vacant window seat. He put his musical instrument and his bookbag in the aisle, not the vacant seat.

Verdict? DOUCHER

The next guy, fresh out of Jos. A. Bank hung his new wares on the handle. What did he do when the train filled up? Nothing.

Verdict? Less of a doucher than the preppy kid, but still a doucher.

My experience on the X2

The fabled X2 Bus -- The most thoroughly entertaining bus in WMATA's fleet

I am not a bus person. Let’s face it — I am not a public transportation person. But last night, I took the X2 bus from a stop near work to the H Street Country Club for a co-worker’s birthday party. Never having been there before it was actually pretty nice. The only bus I take with regularity is the 9A, which goes from my house to my girlfriend’s house, but I usually drive.

Simply put, there is no easy way to get to bars on H-Street unless you are driving. If you don’t drive, you take the X2. On a side note, I think that the one good thing Amtrak has going for it, aside from never having made a profit ever, is that they have creative names for their trains. WMATA should employ this tactic. Although, I do not have a name for the X2 just yet. I will have to take it more to get a perfect name for it, but for now I’ll just call it the “Hipster Express.”

My ride to the bar was uneventful, but I got to ride shotgun — which is nice if I want to get thrown through the windshield, given some bus drivers’ track records (aren’t unions great?) Seriously though, riding shotgun this time was fun because it just felt weird.

On the way back, the bus wasn’t nearly as crowded, and it had the added benefit of taking me directly to Gallery Place/Chinatown, a conveniently located but horrible metro station. Before I forget, a woman changed her baby’s diaper next to me, and the whole front of the bus smelled like poop. That was awesome. What added to that ambiance was that the woman’s friend alerted her to the fact that the baby pooped because “boys just get that funny look on their face when they are pooping.”

True enough. Say what you want about our subsidized and inefficient public transportation system, at least fellow customers are entertaining.


New Horizons


Step back, doors closing

Tonight, I barely made my yellow line southbound. It wasn’t for lack of time from red to yellow, but the doors shut on me. They went from completely open to completely closed in about 10 seconds. A fluke? Sure. But this happened at Pentagon. Pentagon City. Crystal City. People could barely make it in the train. So I timed one by hand at Reagan Airport. Same thing. About 10 seconds.

To the ire of Ben Brockschmidt, I whipped out my flip cam and recorded. Here’s the video. What do you think? Did the doors shut too soon? Keep mind the time was consistent at every stop I rode it on.

Red Line Train Accident

train accident

My thoughts and prayers are with the deceased, injured, and their families.

This is obviously horrible.

Apparently, one train went up 40 feet in the air. That is nuts. After seeing the picture below, I believe it.

train accident2

UPDATE: I just got home and the orange/blue to L’Enfant and Yellow/Blue to Huntington didn’t take too long, but the trains were more crowded.