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Daily Links


Not all of you are politically active, and many of you hold political views divergent from my own. I’ve heard from some of you that enjoy the random things I share on Facebook and Twitter.

Hard as this may be to believe, I read way more interesting stories than I post on Facebook. (Twitter, on the other hand…) I used to have a newsletter, but it’s in hibernation because….

One of the places those stories are shared, along with stories my colleagues recommend, is in the Weekly Standard‘s Daily Standard newsletter. We send it out to a lot of people. If you like the links I share, you should¬†sign up for that and our other wonderful newsletters we at the Weekly Standard produce, if you’re so inclined, here.

Here’s a preview of what I’ve put together for today:

The latest issue of the magazine is live on our site.

Mother Teresa, Saint.

The hidden book tunnel under the Capitol.

Do Pat Toomey and Donald Trump need each other?

Is movement conservatism dead?

Why conservatism trumped populism.

Florida man can’t stop, won’t stop, pretending to be a doctor.

Earmark some time this weekend for this absolutely crazy tale from Los Angeles about a power couple and a PTA president’s dispute gone way, way, wrong.

The Sims have gone transgender.

Ron Fournier’s farewell advice.

IKEA’s iconic Poang chair turns 40 today.