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Hotel Commercial Filmed in Metro?

Was watching a video on the Daily Caller, but saw this ad for Marriott’s Springhill Suites before the video started.

First screengrab:

Clearly a WMATA train. I think the station is north of Shaw on the Green Yellow — not entirely sure.

Second screengrab:

He’s walking into a train and … IS THAT A PLANT AND A LAMP?

Third screengrab:

This is not where I parked my car.

Fourth screengrab:

What kind of messed up train is this?

Last screengrab:

Hey dude, why are you staring at me?

All in all, an interesting commercial — I couldn’t find a link to a sharable version. I’m presuming here, but I am glad WMATA is doing creative things to raise money.

But, a few questions/comments:

  1. Given the handles on the ceiling and the non-carpeted floor, this appears to be one of the newer cars. You know, the ones the NTSB doesn’t think will telescope and kill all of us. Did WMATA take a relatively safer car out of service to be used for a commercial?┬áIf so, that’s not really cool.
  2. I hope Springhill Suites paid for the tear down and putting it back together.
  3. Or, if it hasn’t been put back to normal service, will WMATA put that car in service? That would be fun. Maybe a locals-only lounge for extreme commuters who can pay more to sit in such a car.
  4. I hope this was done at night after Metro was closed, as not to delay service.
  5. Or it’s entirely possible that green screens were used to good effect. You’ll notice that the first scene is filmed in a middle platform station, and the fourth screengrab was filmed where the platforms were on either side.
  6. Maybe they filmed in multiple stations.
  7. How much does WMATA charge for such access?