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PARODY: If SJL Gave the Independence Day Speech

Some date in the future, at a secret air base in the Nevada desert.

Aliens have sprung a surprise attack on America and the rest of the world. In your RV, you’ve taken shelter at this once-secret air base. The President and what remains of the top levels of government are there, debating how to respond.

An estranged cable technician devises a way to put a bug into the alien spaceship so we can attack it. Once it takes hold, fighter jets will attack the alien ships when their shields are down.

Your President? Former Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. A former fighter pilot in her own right, President SJL strides confidently out to a truck with a megaphone. But she still calls herself Congresswoman as a force of habit.

She delivers a rousing speech…. About the memory of an American great — Michael Jackson.

This is what it sounds like: